Terms of Business  

  1. The booking made for you constitutes a binding legal agreement between the holiday maker and the owner of the property (The Owner).
  1. CCL (Coastal Cymru Ltd) assumes gives no warranty or undertaking with regard to the property.
  1. A booking fee will be payable on each booking by the holiday maker.
  1. A 15% commission will be paid to CCL for all bookings taken.
  1. The Owner must honour all bookings taken by CCL. Failure to comply with this condition will result in a fee of £75.00 per booking being charged to The Owner together with the lost deposit and booking fee.
  1. CCL does not take any responsibility for gas, electrical or any other aspect of safety at the property.
  1. The Owner takes full legal responsibility for insurance, gas & electrical and general safety at the property.
  1. CCL accepts no responsibility for any damage or loss to the property including misuse of the telephone line or internet connection at the property.
  1. The Owner is responsible for the payment of all insurance, tax, utility, maintenance and other bills related to the property.
  1. CCL cannot be held responsible for any damage, loss or personal injury suffered by holiday makers whilst in occupation of the property.
  1. CCL reserves the right to withdraw from this agreement at any time.
  1. The Owner must maintain the standard of the property as advertised.
  1. The Owner is responsible for ensuring that they comply with all regulatory requirements placed upon them and that they make available all necessary certificates upon request.
  1. CCL cannot guarantee a number of bookings or rental value that could be achieved for any period.
  1. CCL will transfer any rental income due to you on a monthly basis along with a statement, following the receipt of the balance payment from the holidaymaker.
  1. CCL reserve the right to adjust advertised prices for the property in line with those advertised by the owner or other agents.

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