Searching your family history on Anglesey
10 Jan

Searching your family history on Anglesey

The beautiful island of Anglesey is rich in ancient history. Do you have a Welsh surname, such as Williams or Jones? Tracing your family history? If you think that your ancestors once lived on Anglesey and you are interested in finding out about them, then this page will give you some suggestions on how to start your research.

Where to begin:

The best place to begin your family history research is in the home.  Start by asking your relatives about their memories of past family members.  The aim is always to gather as much information ie regarding names, dates and places. Precious information can also be obtained from old family documents, such as family heirlooms, bibles, wills and photographs.

Once you have found out all as much information as you can, you will be able to decide where to begin your search. Most people begin with a set of known facts from which they work backwards into the past using marriage, baptism or birth records (see below).

It is also a good idea to contact your local family history society as the best advice will come from fellow family historians. The web address the Gwynedd Family History Society is:

First Steps:

Parish Registers: These registers are a major source for information on baptisms, marriages and burials before the introduction of the Civil Registration of Births, Marriages and Deaths in 1837. The registers for all Anglesey Parishes have been deposited with the Anglesey Archives Service – in some cases their records will date back to 16th century.

Civil registration of births, marriages and deaths: Civil registration began in July 1837. These records are held by the General Register Office.

The General Register Office Indexes are alphabetical personal-name indexes to all the births, deaths and marriages registered in England and Wales since civil registration began on 1July 1837. These indexes can be used by the general public in the “Search-room” of The National Archives, Kew Richmond Surrey, TWA9 4DU. Telephone Number: 02088763444

The Local Superintendent Registrars keep records for Anglesey. You can apply for copy birth, marriage and death certificates. For more information on how to search the indexes and the cost of copy certificates please see the Registrars web pages. Please contact:

Chapel Records: If you are unable to find your ancestors in the parish registers it may be because they were non-conformists. We have an index of baptisms pre 1837, although there are a few registers available for later dates.

Bishop’s Transcripts: These records are transcripts of the entries in the parish registers which were sent annually to the Bishop of Bangor from 1598. They can be used to fill in gaps if the original register is missing or illegible. Please note that we do not have them for all parishes.

International Genealogical Index (IGI): If you are unsure of the date or location of an event such as a baptism, you could try the (IGI) which is compiled by the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints. The majority of entries are for baptisms with some marriages – but no burials. See also


This blog is not intended to provide an exhaustive list of sources for family history. If you would like more information on researching your family tree please contact the Anglesey Archives Service.

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